After a good night’s sleep, you’ll be greeted with a specially prepared breakfast.  The house will make you glad you came, you’ll come back for the breakfast.






Relaxing on the front porch is a great way to start, or end, a day in Nacogdoches.

Robert Lee Hardeman, a descendant of an early pioneering family of Texas, built his one-story home at the corner of Church and Arnold Streets in 1892.  In 1912, Hardeman commissioned prominent architect Dietrich Rulfs to enlarge the house, adding a second story, a wraparound gallery, new siding, and interior.  Mr. Rulfs also designed and built 15 other turn-of-the-century homes and churches located in the neighborhood surrounding the Hardeman House.


Gladys Hardeman lived in the home until 1980, ending almost 90 years of ownership by the Hardeman family.  Since that time it has been a boarding house for SFA students, an antique store, as well as a bed and breakfast.